Oilseeds are raised in almost all the parts of the country. Interestingly, in some regions of the country, they are considered as important oil-seeds. Oilseeds are the source of oil-cake as well as vegetable oil. However, the export of oilseeds has been curtailed to meet the increasing demands of the country. In the year 1950-51, area under groundnut was 4.5 million hectares.The region during this period rose to 6.8 million hectares from mere 2 million hectares, and production from 0.7 million tonnes to almost 7 million tonnes- a ten times ascend. The yield also increased from 368 kg to 1013 kg per hectare. The overall production of nine oilseeds rose to nearly 25 million tonnes by 1996-97. In order to reduce imports of palm oil, plantation of oil palm trees is now being undertaken on a larger scale.