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Uganda maize influx prices Kenyan farmers out of market.

Traders trucked in 3.28 million bags of cheaper maize from Uganda in five months through May, fresh official statistics indicate, helping price out ma


Bhutan targets 60 Percent rice self sufficiency in three years.

Bhutan will aim to achieve 60 percent rice self sufficiency by increasing productivity of the rice based cropping systems in the next three years. Tod


Pakistan rice exports up by 30 Percent to $1.58 bln in 10 months.

Pakistan has come out of the crisis of low exports, which was observed during the last three years, as the rice exports have increased by around 30 Pe


Heat waves hit paddy cultivation, farmer faces huge loss in Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh..

Heat waves hit paddy cultivation in Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh. Due to heat waves and scarcity of water, farmers are unable to sow the seeds.


Chhattisgarh farmers advised by IMD to drain paddy fields .

IMDs Agrimet division has advised farmers in Chhattisgarh to drain surplus water and maintain an optimum level in paddy fields to avoid damage. The st


Karnataka farmers advised by IMD to drain paddy fields.

IMDs Agrimet division has advised farmers in Karnataka to drain excess water from paddy fields to maintain an optimum level and avoid damage. Though r


Rain ahead of paddy season, Punjab, Haryana breathe easy.

An above normal pre monsoon rain that lashed north India late night has come as a boon for Punjab, Haryana and Chandigarh ahead of paddy transplantati


About 100 Percent payments made to 6.11 lakh farmers for paddy in Telangana.

The Telangana government has made 100 percent payments to the farmers for the purchased paddy for this years Rabi season. The total value of the paddy


Telangana Civil Supplies Dept procures 35 lakh tonnes of paddy.

Telanganas Civil Supplies Department has procured 35.25 lakh tonnes of paddy through 3,313 purchasing centres in the Rabi season. The value of the pad