Market Research

Level A Commodities offers an extensive amalgamation of timely and highly detailed commodity market information with the focus being 
on :

 Crop Surveys - Our expertise in crop analysis enables us to provide survey reports for all major commodities in India during planting and harvest season.

  • Planting Intention - Information on farmer’s sowing intentions with respect to Crop, Area & Production.
  • Crop Progress - Level A Commodities regularly updates its data on crop progress and condition to keep you informed of the latest developments in the major crops of India. The current year crop progress is compared with the historical normal and then summarized.
  • Crop Forecasting - Crop estimation for various commodities in different geographical areas is made available by due analysis of various factors such as weather, pest & disease, agri input availability, etc.

Sector & Sub Sector Analysis - Provides Information on the flow of products from producer to consumer in quantitative and graphic terms, as well their inter relationship among participants in the sub sector.

Market Intelligence - Market intelligence is available to all subscribers on a real-time basis in the form of news, market commentaries, futures & spot market price updates and charting.

Market Commentary & Services - Market commentary in the form of tickers, latest news updates, price spikes / crashes and relevant issues impacting the commodities market.

Weekly/Monthly/Annual reports - Commodity wise reports on a periodic basis encompassing news updates, price updates, arrivals & trade outlook.