Knowledge Management

Level A Commodities recognizes that our clients are doing business in an increasingly complicated local and global marketplace. To that end we bring to the table a systematic management of our organization's knowledge assets for the purpose of creating value and meeting tactical & strategic requirements.

 Historical Data - Maintaining historical data - price, area, production, import/export for major agri-commodities.

 Current Trends - Data capture with regard to production trends, price trends, arrivals, import/exports along with other fundamental drivers of the market.

 Stocks - Maintaining data on arrivals in local & major markets, carry in/out for a crop/market year, availability of stocks in futures exchanges, stock to use ratio analysis & port line-ups for major agri commodities.


  • Weather factors monitored 24 hours a day across the country.
  • Timely interpretations and forecasts for India and World Cropping Regions.
  • Updates on critical events such as El Nino, Indian monsoons and droughts.