Industry Specific Study

Level A Commodities brings to the table a realistic picture of the conditions relevant for the dynamics of any Agricultural Industry and its subsidiary businesses involving detailed analysis on the economic and market factors that influence the way that particular industry develops.

 Feasibility Study - Our team of experienced professionals outline and analyse several alternatives or methods to achieve business success by examining in depth, viable scenarios and their implications and strengths & weaknesses thus helping in narrowing the scope of the project to identify the best business scenario.

 Customized Strategy - Short, medium and long term trading strategies/hedge and risk strategies focused on procurement, consumption and inventory. Mainly focus on "When to Buy", "How Much to Buy", "Where to Buy" and "At What Level to Buy".

 Benchmark Study - Analyse and compare one’s business processes and performance metrics to industry bests in order to achieve a competitive advantage.

 Forward Linkage - We are in a position to connect customers, producers and suppliers in a distribution chain linking both primary and secondary production.