1. How do I register?

Just click on the “Register Now” tab, fill in the required details and you are good to go.

2. What does "Free Subscription" mean?

"Free Subscription" shall provide a Weekly Report for a free subscription period of one week & shall encompass:

  •  Forecasting & Analytics
  •  Market Intelligence- News, Arrivals & Price
  •  Price Trends & Seasonality Index
  •  Strategic Inputs
  •  Supply & Demand – Production, Consumption, Import and Export Data.
  •  Spot & Futures Market coverage

3. How do I receive the reports?

Click on the relevant commodity (e.g. Wheat, Maize, Chana etc.) in the registration page and we shall send the relevant report to your email Id registered with us. Reports are classified as Weekly, Monthly & Special Reports (On Request) pertaining to that particular commodity.