Customized Client

 Risk Mitigation - In a volatile market environment, market risks are reduced by providing real time market analysis and intelligence with the focus being on maximum return on investment.

 Real time Surveys - Availability of real time data to reflect the current scenario at any given point of time.

 Economic Factors Analysis - A review of macro/micro geopolitics related to agri-businesses - policy reviews, free trade agreements, currency movement and others.

 Procurement Strategies - Advisory on when to buy, where to buy and supply chain dynamics.

 Feasibility Studies - Provides information on market structure, market entry strategy, supply chains and value chains across the board ensuring better bang for buck.

 Policy Reviews - Concise information on Country & State level policy, rules & regulations, foreign trade policy and other agri- business related policies.

 Project Execution - Level A Commodities offers to execute, monitor and control projects in the agri-business sector focusing on deliverables and direct outputs.