We provide regular, independent, un-biased and authentic knowledge updates on agri-businesses for the industry through analytical reports to cope with market risks.

In the current fast changing global economic environment, with increased flow of information and new trade practices, newer tools such as dynamic volatility driven blended models are required for forecasting commodity markets.

We use high-end analytical tools like Discriminant Analysis, Multivariate Regression, Factor Analysis, Cluster Analysis and others for deriving appropriate strategies, enabling us to create systems to monitor risks.

Value Chain Analysis - aims at maximising value creation by minimising costs in a commodity from farm-to-fork. It includes:

  • Customized Strategy - Short, medium and long term trading strategies/hedge and risk strategies focused on procurement, consumption and inventory. Mainly focus on "When to Buy", "How Much to Buy", "Where to Buy" and "At What Level to Buy".
  • Commodity Profiling - Basic overview of a commodity with present market conditions & characteristics. Commodity wise econometric analysis used for identifying the key drivers in the value chain.
  • Client Exposure Analysis - We provide a combination of active monitoring tools to gauge current pre-defined risks with On-Demand Analytics that helps to hedge client’s commodity price risk. We act as a one stop location for information related to position risks and exposure.
  • Business Process Mapping - We empower companies in the agribusiness industry to rationalize core business processes from seed to shelf. We let agri-businesses make informed decisions that help balance costs, increase flexibility, mitigate risks for commodities and operations and reach a high level of compliance in the industry.

 Supply & Demand Forecasting - Predicting the current & future S&D Matrix of commodities, includes S&D estimation of by-products. It also includes detailed analysis of drivers of supply (area , yield, production, import, carry-in stocks) and of demand (sectorial consumption, export) of the commodity, along with the stock-to-use ratio and possible carry-forward.

 Trade Flow Estimates - Revealing the possible partners in global and domestic trade (import and export) with past statistical updates. The expected trade volume and pricing of the commodity can be predicted.

 Production Estimation - based on historical trends, surveys and modeling. Estimates are made on planted area, farmer's planting intentions and possible shift to other crops on the basis of competitive returns, weather conditions, harvested area and yield output.